Sunday, March 30, 2014

More blood

Politics in this county are bloody.

First, libertarian Sam Moore's spanking by (yet another) libertarian Scot Turner was laughable.  The entire bunch of yahoos who are the state delegation for our county has voted for (or against) legislation that  potentially had as bad an effect on the ability to protect our children as Moore's poorly-thought-out bill.  Moore just became the patsy.  And of course, Carolyn Cosby thinks that Moore is for "special gay rights."  Her hatred and fear of the LGBT community is legendary in Maine.  It will be interesting to see if Moore makes it out of the primary with Biello.

Then we've got the Tlacil-Williams last minute rejection of the school board debates.  Which moron suggested they do something like that?  And why would they listen to anyone who would make that recommendation? We hear that Tlacil went to batting practice rather than the debates.

Poor failed former candidate Dean Sheridan challenged Rick Steiner's eligibility to run, due to (wait for it) tax liens.  The Cherokee Tribune reports that:
During the hearing, Sheridan presented alleged county tax liens that the board couldn’t verify and Steiner said he had no knowledge of. The code section cited in Sheridan’s challenge was also revealed to be nonexistent.
Steiner was successful in clearing the way forward, meaning, once again, Dean failed.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


So, missed a few predictions, a few wins (like Turner / Caldwell Internet broadcast) and some are outstanding.  You must be especially proud and excited about Sam Moore, Cherokee county!  We shall see if his tenure is short-lived, and Biello takes the seat in the May primaries.  I'd suppose that in a non-special election, Moore won't take it, but am not willing to commit to a guess.  Frankly, since anti-gay (well, anti-everything) crusader and Christian reconstructionist Carolyn Cosby has come out against Moore, that would tend to bring favor to Moore.

This blog still holds that the theocrat from Bartow county, Barry Loudermilk, will take the HD 11 Congressional race, but really don't have a clue on the U.S. Senate race.  Kingston is likely the strongest Republican, but he's got some intense competition from Democrat Nunn.  It's all about turnout here.

County chair Ahrens and commissioner Johnston are probably "safe," if anything is in Cherokee, but the school board will probably be taken over by the fundamentalist terrorist crowd.  With the "Concerned Women for America" pushing anti-standards bills at the state level, the religious right has education by the short hairs.  Expect prayers for Jesus in Cherokee schools soon. 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Predictions

Now that we're in a new year, might as well take advantage of it.  So here's some (somewhat satirical) predictions:

  1. Jeff Duncan will be elected to state house district 22, and will channel Calvin Hill.
  2. Charges against Marlow and Knowles will be dropped because nobody really cares.  Trim will get a suspended 30-day sentence, and will leave the state to start an ashram in New Jersey.
  3. The school board will get an elected Tea Party majority, whose first act will be to host a "liberty" book burning event to raise money for their members' legal defense funds.
  4. Buzz Ahrens will continue to be Cherokee BOC Chair after his opponent accidentally votes for him.
  5. Turner and Caldwell will start a live internet radio broadcast called "The Two Tequilas".  Jack Staver will arrange for Victoria Jackson to be their first guest.  Debbie Dooley will just show up.
  6. Several Cherokee Tea Party activists will die after a major measles outbreak in the county due to widespread but completely irrational and unfounded vaccination fears.
  7. Barry Loudermilk will take Congressional District 11 race and declare his district is an autonomous Christian Nation.
  8. Paul Broun will commit suicide as a result of shame from his U.S. Senate loss, and end up in a pit of hell.
  9. Nathan Deal will make the cover of Garden and Gun magazine.
  10. Democrats will continue to be hopeful.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Back to the future

Admitting you're from Cherokee county can sometimes be embarrassing.  For well over a decade, there has been a palpable, negative force in this community's politics.  Yet, We the People have allowed the demagogues and ideologues to continue their invective.  This has provided a largely apathetic community of voters with exactly the effect that should be expected:  a small group of incompetent, self-serving nincompoops that disrupt the good work done by the majority of those who serve the public.  

To come back to the future, we see that Rogers and Jerguson are gone (for good, let's hope), the Election Board failed miserably with its decision on one commissioner (more in an upcoming post), there's a whole new crew of legislators to consider, and a fresh batch of nastiness from the ultra-far-right.

But by far the most interesting story is that of school board member Kelly Marlow.  She's gotten herself into quite a pickle with her tales, and Cherokee is back in the news again.

Marlow has been a divisive figure on the board, making claims of financial impropriety by the district, and has requested a SACS investigation.

The big news, though, came when Marlow and others made the statement to police that, after a contentious school board meeting, School Superintendent Dr. Frank Petruzielo tried to run them down with his vehicle.  Canton police investigated, and felt that the evidence they have was enough to charge them all with the felony of making false statements.  So they did just that, and issued warrants.  Marlow and her friends then proceeded to turn themselves in to law enforcement.

This has shattered the community into two broad camps:  one which insists on privatization of our schools, and the other which demands we protect the integrity of publicly-managed schools.

In the privatization crowd, there are the religious zealots and a more secular "choice" bunch.  While they are in the minority, they resort to loud, bombastic rhetoric to get their point across.  This is Marlow's support group.

The public school advocates - largely teachers and parents - have so far remained more fact-driven in their efforts and are a more monolithic group.  They have assembled a fairly impressive presence within Facebook, and had a good showing at a recent rally.  Many in this group have called for Marlow to resign.

The next school board meeting will be this coming Wednesday, July 24, 7PM, at Cherokee High School auditorium, 930 Marietta Hwy in Canton.  One can only imagine the histrionics to which we'll all be treated.

Let's allow Marlow and her gang to move through the process of justice now, without interference from outside agencies.  But if she is indicted, Marlow should do the right thing and resign, or be removed.  Let this community heal, once again.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The hotly contested races are over...

SD 21:  Chip Rogers over Brandon Beach
HD 20:  Michael Caldwell over Charlice Byrd
HD 21:  Sean Jerguson over Scot Turner
HD 23:  Mandi Ballinger

Sheriff:  Roger Garrison over David Waters
Tax Commissioner:  Sonya Little
BOE Chair:  Janet Read over Danny Dukes
BOE Post 1:  Kelly Marlow over Kyla Cromer
BOE Post 2:  Patsy Jordan over Kim Cochran

And a runoff for Jim Hubbard and (maybe?) Ray Gunnin